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Nyingchi Tibet 120 Station


Sukie Lu  time:2019-03-19

 In June 2015, Nyingchi Tibet, at an altitude of 3700 meters, our HSZ90*2 concrete batching plant put into operation officially from Lhasa to Nyingchi section of Sichuan-Tibet railway.
During the construction, JiuFang Group staff overcame altitude sickness, overcame harsh environment of wind and sand, also overcame the greatly reduced sensitivity of the equipment in the altitude hypoxia environment and other disadvantages. With excellent technology and reliable equipment quality, we earned our customer No.18 bureau of China railway’s respect. As of August, 2018, the equipment run perfectly for more than 3 years, and did not receive any complaints from No.18 bureau of China railway customer. It clearly shows that the equipment of JiuFang is

always the benchmark of China's concrete equipment, no matter how harsh the construction environment is, the professionalism of service personnel and the reliability of the equipment.